Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm going to cook a meal

It's no secret that Helen does most of the cooking and baking. Now that we don't eat processed meals I rarely take the lead and instead I tend to focus on fulfilling the unskilled role of a skivvy.

However, this year I'm aiming to start to learn the art of survival cooking.

My plan is to prepare a meal around midsummer time without the support of modern conveniences such as water, food and energy from the house. This will require distilling rainwater,  cooking over a fire and washing up using a suitable water source.


  1. How much of your food do you have to cook and how much do you eat raw?

  2. I'm hoping to cook as much over the fire as possible :)

    In general we're eating more raw foods these days than we used to, although Helen still prepares them in tasty ways.

  3. I asked that simply because I now eat more of my food raw or, in the case of beans and pulses, often cooked but cold. When I use quinoa and millet and bulgar wheat I eat them cold too.

  4. I am just making a bulgar wheat salad and that reminded me of your post. How did the meal go?

    1. The chances of being able to light a fire in this weather are not good GB! We've had so much rain it's come through the study wall and ruined the wallpaper. Half our fence panels have disintegrated and there's a lake on the back field. Still, compared with much of the south west we've fared okay.

      As Ian wrote in the blog he's hoping to cook the meal sometime in the summer.